Christmas Party Photo Booth Hire for Llyods Bank Glasgow

The Lloyd's Bank Christmas party in Glasgow was a festive event filled with joy, laughter, and plenty of holiday cheer. As a supplier of the open photo booth, Event Photo Guy had the pleasure of witnessing the merriment firsthand and providing a unique and entertaining experience for the attendees. The venue was a spacious hall decorated in traditional Christmas colours of red and green with sparkling lights and ornaments adorning the walls and ceiling. The guests arrived dressed in their silliest and funniest festive attire, with some donning Santa hats and reindeer antlers to complete their looks.

As soon as the party started, the atmosphere was lively, and everyone was in high spirits, eagerly mingling and catching up with colleagues they may not have seen in a while. The open photo booth we provided was an instant hit, drawing guests in with its vibrant backdrop and fun xmas props.

The booth was easy to use, with a large touch screen display that allowed guests to choose their props select from a wide range selection, including Santa hats, elf ears, and oversized sunglasses. As they snapped their photos, they were able to preview them on the screen and choose to print them out or share them directly to their social media accounts.

The booth was a popular destination throughout the night, with guests constantly returning to snap new photos with different Christmas props and backdrops. It was a great way to break the ice and get guests mingling, as they posed and laughed together in front of the camera. However once the alcohol hit their system it was game-on on the dance floor.

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In addition to the photo booth, the party also featured plenty of other activities to keep guests entertained. There was a DJ playing festive tunes, and a dance floor where guests could let loose and show off their moves. There were also games and prizes to be won, adding an extra level of excitement to the night. As the night progressed, the party continued to ramp up, with guests becoming more and more festive as the hours passed. The photo booth was in constant use, with guests queuing up to snap photos with friends and colleagues, capturing memories that they would cherish for years to come.

Overall, the Lloyd's Bank Christmas party in Glasgow was a resounding success, with the open Christmas themed photo booth providing a unique and engaging experience for all attendees. It was a pleasure to be a part of the festivities and to witness firsthand the joy and camaraderie that the holiday season brings. I look forward to providing similar services for future events and helping to create lasting memories for guests.

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