Red Carpet Photo Station

Hollywood Style Red Carpet Walkway + Custom Backdrop Photo Experience

Order your Step and Repeat background with stand and red carpet from us and give your guests that amazing VIP experience

Make Your Guests Feel Like Celebrities

Roll out the red carpet at your event and provide a stunning entrance for your guests making them feel like some Hollywood celebrities. Our red carpet walkway service is suitable for a wide variety of events from awards ceremony, gala dinner, themed event or even weddings. Perfect for guest arrival photos. We can travel anywhere in Glasgow & Edinburgh.

How It Works

  • 1. Walk onto the red carpet and stand in front of the custom designed step and repeat wall facing the photographer.
  • 2. Strike a pose for the profesional photographer and get a cool photo taken.
  • 3. Move on to the photo Kiosk and grab your photos from the high speed photo printer and/or share them online

Walk Up

Walk up the red carpet strip and stand in front of the background.

Strike a Pose

Put on your best cool or silly pose and show off that your amazing outfit your're wearing.

Grab Your Print

Move on to the Photo Kiosk and grab your print or simply share your photo online.

Printer Kiosk

The Kiosk Printer is a stunningly designed super fast dye sublimation thermal transfer printer. The photos are wirelessly transferred to the kiosk where you can interract while the kiosh interface and choose to either print or share them online.  With our kiosk software you can design the background on which the photo will be printed, making sure that your guests will take your brand and a perfect memory of your event home with them.

Red Carpert & Red Rope with Barriers

Roll out the red carpet for your event and create a stunning entrance for your guests. Our red carpet hire service is suitable any events anywhere in Glasgow & Edinburgh, whether you are planning an awards ceremony, dinner, fancy dress themed party or even a wedding we can provide a VIP feel that will instantly ‘wow’ your guests on arrival.

Step & Repeat Backdrop onlyIncludes printing of your custom logos or graphics on the background. We will add our branding as wellwith our company branding

without company branding

Add Ons
Ring LightBright  LED right light panel provide a great light for taking snapping photos
Red Carpet, Red Ropes and Barriers (1.8 x 3.0m in size)To give that perfect VIP treatment
Print StationUnlimited prints for a 3 hours hireA6 prints

A4 prints

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